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Tips for choosing an all-inclusive heritage club


It is always recommendable to carefully choose your heritage club when you have made up your mind to get pampered by luxurious amenities and focus on fun activities without bothering about the expenses. Here I have some great tips for you to consider before choosing a heritage club for enjoying a leisure time by indulging in plentiful activities and bumping into people who share the same interest as you do.

Check the area

Usually, older buildings such as palaces, forts and bungalows are very spacious. They will also have abundant property around in terms of lawns, woods, and parks.  Similarly, large outdoor spaces along with excellent weather, work as a perfect backdrop while your mood is into a fun mode. Bowring Institute is one such club that has ornate and magnificent buildings which exude the aura of local heritage coupled with contemporary lifestyle of today.  

Look for amenities

Check the websites of the various clubs and compare all the amenities provided by them. Choose the one that matches your interest the best and you are ready to go. Bowring offers a range of such amenities that includes a special space and room for every elite sport. Apart from the sports activities, you can also enjoy the public events that are held here in order to encourage more social gatherings. There are luxurious accommodation and in-house restaurants and bars too to boost your holiday mood.  

Delectable cuisines

Good food is the essence of any travel. Make sure to learn about the various delicacies that the club’s restaurant serves. Bowring’s expert chefs will impress you with their culinary skills. Get delighted with the delicate combination of the spices used in preparing every meal. With every morsel that makes its way to your mouth, you will be taken aback by surprise by its assortment of flavours.

Hospitable staff

Any leisure activity is unlikely to succeed in the absence of great service. Paying special attention to every guest in the club should be the priority because a guest’s experience is majorly influenced by the internal staff. And if Bowring is your choice for an unusual experience where you will be pampered all along, then you have undoubtedly made the right choice. Not only will you feel like home at Bowring, but also get spoilt by the world-class services of our staff who have been specially trained to make your journey with us memorable.

Why Bowring Institute is your go-to holiday heritage club?


For most of us, the best childhood memories lie in the family vacations and trips. These are some experiences that last forever and help families bond better. We often mistakenly believe that because a family lives together, they connect deeper but in reality, this is not true. Living together is not the only entity that is responsible for building your relationship with other family members.

Spending quality time with your dear ones is as important as having a Sunday in a week. And what else can be better than a rejuvenating day spent at a heritage club that offers a range of activities to engage in with your dear ones? Family meals, day outing with children and experiencing new adventures are things that really cement the bond of a family.

Bowring Institute was created with this aim to offer family and friends an exciting way to spend time together. Bowring’s club heritage goes beyond any ordinary resort or hotel to offer a complete experience in its local heritage that has been preserved from the time of the Britishers.  From a quaint surrounding, luxurious accommodation, professional salon services to the access in India’s precious and most reserved library that features books from the authors belonging to the bygone era, from the grandest dining situation to tongue tickling experience in its Bars, Bowring has it all. Such wide variety of offerings make Bowring Institute as one of the best vacation destinations in India.

Another reason why Bowring is so popular among the elites is that it is based around outdoor activities. Research has shown that family who spends time in activities together, tend to bond better. And this holds good not only for a family but also for friends.

The club’s proximity to famous places like shopping malls and religious places makes Bowring Institute one of the most recommended club chains in Bangalore. Bowring is also known for serving scrumptious delights and drinks at its signature eateries like Black Dog Bar and Main Lawn Restaurant.

Bowring Institute never leaves any stone unturned in turning the events of its guests into memorable happenings. With its number of banquet halls and conference and boardrooms, accompanied by their dedicated services and lavish facilities the club organizes many successful events whether corporate, public or personal.

The one extraordinary thing about this Institute is that along with every other basic facility, it also has in its premises a pharmacy, a departmental store, Hopcoms, ATMs and a salon. Thus, keeping in mind the potential needs of every guest. If Bowring’s hospitality has ever touched you with its generous services, then worry not. The next time you visit any other city, you can easily apply for a membership venture with this elite club of India and get to enjoy the same hospitality of Bowring across hundred other premium clubs in India and few other clubs in Dubai and Singapore too.